We are an exquisite creative video production company & full-service video agency


We’ve had our work go genuinely viral, gaining a level of views and interactions most video agencies & production companies can only ever dream of. This is because we create truly infectious films fuelled by the spark of a good idea, captivating & enchanting audiences every time.


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The amount of things we can do on the moving-imagery front is pretty limitless, if you can point a camera at it or draw it, we can make a film of it. This is just a brief list of some of our main services, if you don’t see what you’re looking for please get in touch.

Promotional Film

Case-study video

Explainer video

Social Media Content

Instructional Video

Motion graphics/Animation 

Event Video

TV/Cinema Advert

Internal Communications


We’re trusted at the very highest levels of commerce and work with companies of every shape and size across every sector and industry, in fact some of the work we’re proudest of has been created for sole traders.



Listening & Learning

We find out about you & your organisation, your aims, values & ethos and your hopes and dreams for the future. A thorough understanding is key not just for the success of our film but to a ensure a long and lasting working relationship.


Creative Development

With this information at hand we go away and write a proposal. For each open brief we always come up with at least 3 fresh thinking & original creative approaches. These could be introducing a narrative to tell your story, an inventive filming technique or a new spin on the traditional.


Either way, we aim to add a touch of magic to what you do, one which will be enticing to your audience all the while staying true to your aims & values.


These concepts aren’t written in stone and we’re always more than happy to develop them should you wish. 



We source locations, actors, presenters, props and book any additional crew and kit we need.


We do this in constant communication with you and you can always accompany us to any location recces or casting sessions, if you’re unable to attend we can send images and videos for you to view at your convenience. 


At this stage we will also write a shot list which breaks down each visual element of the film.



There’s nothing quite like being on a film set and watching our hard work come to fruition! We only ever shoot on cinema-level kit with an array of lights, lenses, filters sound and grip gear. Our roster of crew are all trained to the highest professional standard and have worked with organisations large & small.


Post Production

This is the stage where it all comes together. We edit all the footage down and spice it up with titles, music, voiceover, visual effects, transitions, sound effects, sound mixing & colour grading.


We will send you a link to view in full HD online. At this stage we can also work with you to create any cut-downs or trailers/teasers to complement the main film.



We deliver the film file or files to you in whatever format you need them in and will be on hand to work with you on distribution to whichever platforms they’re destined for.


Why we do the things we do, and what makes us different.

We make films because we want the audience to feel something.

When you elicit an emotional response in your viewer, you open the door to heart-felt communication which in turn drives change. 


We’ve made audiences laugh and cry. If you can do that, there’s every chance your message will remain with them long after the final screen.

We believe the world is defined by stories, and film is the most powerful way to tell them.

Storytelling is a process as old as humankind itself – from the folktales told around ancient campfires to the latest Netflix show, they all depend on forming an authentic human connection.


We think film is the most visceral way of forming that connection.

Most of all, we believe in good ideas.

We think good ideas, irrespective of platform, budget, or medium are what makes the world go round.


Every open brief we receive will be responded to with at least 3 fresh & distinctive ideas to realise it.