• nan having cigar on set video production nottingham

    5 Things Yer Nan Wants to Know About Film Production

    Look… okay… We both know how this works – this is a bit of content marketing. I kick out a bit of written copy precisely engineered to appeal to Google’s algorithms and use keywords such as Video Production Nottingham and include numerous and brazenly shoe-horned references to how good I am at the service I provide in exchange I give you some ‘expertise’ gratis. We leave the exchange both fulfilled and cherished by the experience. Towards the end I ask you to put your email in a sign up box, I then – with the help of Mail Chimp – […]

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  • people working in a video production company in nottingham

    10 Signs You Work in a Video Production Company or Creative Agency

    Before I had my own production company I freelanced at many others and before I freelanced I worked at a creative agency for a few years and before I worked in an agency I spent days trawling websites to fire off my cv to both production companies and agencies. I’ve spent lots of time in and around them is what I’m trying to say. They all have their own quirks naturally but you’d be surprised at how many things they share. That’s why I wrote this Cut-out ‘N’ Keep guide! (I don’t know… I don’t know why you’d want to […]

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  • a shot of a film by a promotional video production company Nottingham

    Homie! You gotta stop making videos like this!

    Do you know, right now as of this moment, how much video content there is on the internet? Well, just to prove a point, and at no additional cost to you, the reader,  I hired a crack team of data scientists to find out. You can tell these guys are the real deal because they use that big proper calculator you used to use in school. Not that small poxy calculator you use on your kitchen table to weigh up the various tariffs of internet service providers.   Like I say, proper scientists these.   Anyway, they worked out that […]

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  • Dude, You Need a Video Production Company

    (or, why not to film content on your mobile phone) People often ask me… They ask me – “Jack how do you make such great scones?” Well I say, that’s a very good question but I’m currently writing the introduction paragraph of a listicle about the relative merits of using mobile phones over and above proper video cameras to film on and trying to use as many keywords like video production company Nottingham as possible in order to gain traction on search engines. Oh they said, but I really just wanted to know about your recipe for those scones… “Well” […]

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  • brilliant lens! Making beautiful promo film with our video production company & creative agency nottingham

    5 Reasons Creative Video is So Powerful

    Sometimes… Sometimes I imagine that if William Shakespeare was alive today he’d be working for a Stratford-Upon-Avon based tech start up. And he would be known, not as a playwright or a scribe or a poet but as a ‘content creator’. He’d sit there wouldn’t he, Shakespeare and twiddle this freebie pen he got from a tone of voice conference in his beard – twirl it into curled wisps, and sneak admiring glances at Anne Hathaway – his wife to be – working in the cubicle adjacent to him.   Listen, I know you came to this article looking for […]

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  • a card held aloft telling all about our video production company in nottingham

    Get Creative, Mate

    Kill the distractions At the top of the list – you know this is true mate, you know this is true. As the French would say you gotta lose the distractions. Specifically this means you gotta Killé Le Telephoné (okay hands up, I have no idea if that’s proper French or not, on reflection it probably isn’t, I think the french for kill was mort, I’m aware I could quickly google the word and check but as per the advice on the top of the list I’m minimising distractions.   …There is nothing worse for coming up with cool ideas than […]

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  • a creative film production shooting film video production nottingham promotional video

    A History of Film & Video Production in Nottingham

    Although landlocked in the middle of the East Midlands, Nottingham boasts a huge range of looks and settings – everything from grim industrial brutalism to idyllic fields and pastures and let’s not forget the world famous Sherwood Forest. You might be surprised of course, given how many screen iterations there’s been of the man in tights himself, Robin Hood, not to find him on our list. But you might also be surprised by just the sheer variety and quantity there is. Everything from the largest franchised Hollywood blockbuster to low budget social realism indie films and even our good selves have all […]

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