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Introducing… The Flailing List

Okay, yeah just gonna open this one up with a bit o’ music trivia, then – boom! – pivot it into the actual subject matter of the blog post with a Derren Brown-worthy sleight of hand segue. Here we go… Music trivia: Did you know that in Barbadian singer Rihanna’s 2005 dancehall-inflected breakout hit ‘Pon De Replay’ the chorus of which runs ‘Hey Mr DJ, song pon de replay’ The original lyrics of the song were actually: “Hey Mr Internet Person get pon de Simply Thrilled Flailing List” Except, it was changed last minute by her label Def Jam as […]

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5 Things Yer Nan Wants to Know About Film Production

Look… okay… We both know how this works – this is a bit of content marketing. I kick out a bit of written copy precisely engineered to appeal to Google’s algorithms and use keywords such as Video Production Nottingham and include numerous and brazenly shoe-horned references to how good I am at the service I provide in exchange I give you some ‘expertise’ gratis. We leave the exchange both fulfilled and cherished by the experience. Towards the end I ask you to put your email in a sign up box, I then – with the help of Mail Chimp – […]

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Abraham Lincoln thinks our video production is Da Bomb!

Look yeah, I’m gonna dive into the article proper but first:   First, mate, we gotta talk about this clickbait habit of yours.   I don’t wanna drop an intervention on yo, but look, just for the love of god stop clicking on these clickbait articles like this.   It really has to stop, mate.   Why did you even click on this article? Dude, did you not even read it? And if you did even read it, mate your history knowledge is whack.   Homie, Abraham Lincoln died 150-odd years before we set up shop!   What’s more… My […]

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How we got millions of views of our video content

As you may have noticed we make quite a deal of the fact that our videos have had a lot of views online.   Here, in this article, we’re going to break down, step by step how we managed to get over 50 million views of our videos for clients. Read on to find out how you can reach similar levels of exposure for your own video content.   Except… wait.   Let me tell you, this article isn’t really going to do any of that, it’s going to meander hither and yon and it’s going to break out into […]

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