Look yeah, I’m gonna dive into the article proper but first:


First, mate, we gotta talk about this clickbait habit of yours.


I don’t wanna drop an intervention on yo, but look, just for the love of god stop clicking on these clickbait articles like this.


It really has to stop, mate.


Why did you even click on this article? Dude, did you not even read it? And if you did even read it, mate your history knowledge is whack.


Homie, Abraham Lincoln died 150-odd years before we set up shop!


What’s more… My friend… He died a good few decades before the medium of film was even properly invented.


Like I say, sort yourself out. Mate. Please mate.




Ever think that this whole marketing thing has gone a little too far? Like business owners and marketers will do anything to draw attention to the product or service they provide. Stop at nothing to get their marketing messaging out there? Up to and including brazenly bastardising a series of quotes from various historical greats and putting them in an article with a frankly, ridiculous headline?


Who would do that?


A sick, sick person would do that, that’s who.


And, whoever they are, god help them I feel sorry for them 😉


Here’s 19 historical figures telling you how good we are (and oh, if you want some actual real life testimonials – head over here and play our ‘reel innit)


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The homie Winston said this about us – you not gonna take this dude’s advice? Dude, you would be speaking German if it wasn’t for this geezer- do you know how hard German is to speak? Hard! It has umlauts and everything. (and my, can this guy rock a Tommy gun. My.)
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Okay do you know exactly how much info I have on our man TR? Absolutely sweet FA mate! But look at him, just look dude, clearly knows what he’s saying, no? Also, he defo looks like a character from Cluedo… Okay look I just Google image searched the boardgame Cluedo and he’s there! He’s in it! Go see for yourself, open up another tab in yer browser and google image search Cluedo and he’s the one on the top right. Uncanny.
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Kinda think like, maybe this dude made a light bulb? Or something? Either way, dude is worth listening to for real!
light bulb nottingham video agency promotional video production company film production nottingham
Yep there we go, dude with a light bulb, and an apt quote about yer favourite video production company…


Freud video production company nottingham promotional video agency
This dude had some questionable stuff to say about Yer Mam. But he knew his video agency folk, that he did.
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Dude done… a picture of some melting clocks. That’s how clued-up I am culture-wise, god help me I need to get in ‘pon this art scene more, really I do.
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You ever… You ever feel like you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel content-wise, like how long you gonna drag this out for Jack, this whole ‘oh I changed a famous quote and made it about my company’ it was kinda funny to start with but now we’re 7 deep with a good few more to go.
Content marketing! Yay!

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That’s how chronic it’s got mate, I couldn’t even be bothered to do a caption for that last image. Couldn’t. Even. Be. Bothered.
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I… I just couldn’t think of a good caption for this…


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